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Baby Fist Meme

Memes take us on mini-vacations when we are unable to get away.  There's nothing like cute baby memes! After seeing the popularity of the memes in our last article we decided to dedicate the following meme maker to the baby fist meme.
The 'baby with fist meme' aka Success Kid, was introduced in 2007 when the boy's mother posted the image, which quickly went viral.  'Success Kid' is actually Sammy Griner and earlier this year his father was in need of a kidney transplant.  When you are the face of the victory meme, you win: The Griner family launched a GoFundMe campaign and were able to generate over $100,000.

When the President approves you know you are doing something right! In 2013, the meme was used by The White House to promote immigration reform.

#toddler A photo posted by Toddler Vacation (@toddlervacation) on Dec 22, 2015 at 1:27am PST
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