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Best Vacations with Toddlers, Winter Edition

Best Vacations with Toddlers
Who says summer is the only time for toddler friendly vacations? Take a vacation with toddlerand the rest of your family when school is out for the winter and work starts to slow down.

Some of the best vacations for toddlers involve wonderful winter wonderlands.  Don't let the cold weather be an excuse to keep you and your family home this winter break! Taking a vacation this winter will teach your toddler not to let cold weather limit his or her ability to enjoy life!
Walt-Disney World We might as well mention Walt-Disney World first.  Orland is a perfect destination for toddler vacations.

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park offers numerous stroller friendly options to ensure you will enjoy an amazing winter vacation with toddler.

Atlantis, Bahamas Paradise Island offers one of the most populartoddler friendly vacations for families that enjoy the sea and beautiful beaches.

Honolulu Honolulu is considered one of the best vacations with toddlers b…

Top 10 Toddler Books

Top 10 Toddler Books
All of these toddler books passed our 3-prong test through all our three kids: 1 - Well-written and/or teaches something of value. 2 - Great illustrations. 3 - My husband and I enjoy reading them to the kids as much as they love hearing them.

Toddler Friendly Vacations

Toddler Friendly Vacations
Toddler friendly vacations can range from city destinations to Disney World.  While the time away will certainly be enjoyable vacations with toddlers can present numerous challenges.  When you decide to travel with toddlerchoosing the right location is vital.  Here is a list of some unique destinations that you may have overlooked:

Farm Stay Vacations
An ingredient that must be included in toddler vacations is interaction.  Farm stay vacations allow your toddler to interact with the animals by feeding and petting.  They will also be able to collect eggs from the hen house! Virginia has some great options for your next farm stay vacation.

Indoor Water Parks
There is nothing worst than when it rains while you are on vacation.  If you decide to go to an indoor water park rain will not impact your toddler's play time! Indoor water parks are great and KeyLime Cove offers affordable packages for your toddler vacation!

Zoo Vacation
Similar to farm stay vacations…